What is a temp mail address?

Temporary email addresses are becoming very famous nowadays. With the advancement in the technology and increased usage of emails, almost every mail id is spammed with at least minimum 30 new spam mails from unknown senders.

Email is one of the oldest forms of digital form of communication which is used to have a one on one communication. Hotmail is the first mail provider in the world. Now with hundreds of mail service providers are there in the market.

Almost all the companies are using their own mail services for security purposes. The most commonly used mail service today is yahoo and Gmail.

Many people think that WhatsApp and Facebook messenger is the best and easy communication tool. But nothing can replace the professional outlook of an Email.

Almost everyone will have their own email id. Even all the recruiters will ask for your email ID for further communications.

Since the usage of Email has almost become a mandatory one today, most of the marketing peoples try to reach you through your Email Id. As there are multiple places where we can get a multiple mail data base, our Email Inboxes are flooded with spam messages very often.

Why is Temporary Email required?

As everyone knew that the Email id is a permanent one, we cannot avoid spam mails if we give our original Email ID. This is when Temporary Email comes into play. In this digital world, almost each and every day to day transactions will ask for email id for registration. Take for example, Netflix will ask for email Id, your Facebook ID will ask for an email id for registration, your Uber or OLA will ask for email ID to register.

You can’t understand why all these services are asking for your email id for registration. Yes, you are right, everyone is very keen in creating their own email Id database. That is why everyone is asking for your email ID for registration. So that they can sell or cross sell their other products in the kitty.

Getting to know about their other products may give us more knowledge but the problem is they give you information of products which you may not even think of buying.

Now temporary Email gives you the edge of defeating these marketing agencies who are getting ready to sell you a product you won’t require.

Since the growth of this internet era, almost equal number of scammers and hackers also had increased dramatically. The first weapon of these online groups is your email Id. The new internet baby android will ask for registering your device with a mail id at the first step of device starting. Your Email id will have all the details required by the hackers to hack your phone or device.

This is the importance of an Email Id and its limited places to use. Temporary Email gives you the flexibility of creating a new mail id of your choice at any time and can use it for a limited time window.

You can use this temporary mail to create a user id in a normal website. You can even forget the mail id and start using the services according to your wish.

The temporary email is now a new solution for creating an email ID for a temporary purpose. Till now the email services provides you with a permanent Email id, but our temp mail id services provide you with the temporary email id for your personal usage. Depending upon the situation, you can choose whether to give your original mail id or a temporary one. You can use the original mail id only in case of its necessity and future usage. It is always recommended to use your original Email id for all your financial usage like using internet banking, buying shares, etc.

With the increase in the online privacy, it is very important to make sure you are sending the email to the correct email id. You have to be very careful in using the email id in unsafe websites. Now think what will happen if your email id is in the hands of the criminal people. And today email marketing agencies and other Ponzi scheme agencies are trying to reach the clients across the world through Email Id only. Our Email Id box is the first thing which comes into their mind for bulk marketing. We will get so many promotional emailers if we use our email Id without care. Your privacy will take a hit because of these spammers and marketing agencies. Temporary emails curb these and help users maintain a certain level privacy.

Having an email Id is like owning an online space for yourself. Do not unwanted people to access your online space. With the help of temporary email Id, you can easily maintain good private personal space.

Since having an email is a means of having an identity online, temporary email can help you manage who has access to your space. With this, you have the control needed to maintain your personal space.

Temp Mail Address is basically an example of disposable mail.

The word disposable means use and throw it. That is the same way we can use the temp email Id. We can use where and when required and just get rid of it. We need not even create a password or keep entering details every time. These temporary email ids will have a validity or life time of 1 hour to 1 week depending on the websites and the service providers.

These temp mail ids are not real, they are just a virtual email id with limited life time. This temp email doesn’t have subtypes, only different between websites is the name by which they call it or mean it. Below are the example of few names and its uses.

Fake email ID

Temp Email ID

Temporary Email ID

Throwaway mail

Disposable mail

All the above names mean only one concept which is called as temporary mail Id. These mail Ids will get inactive after a specific period of time. This time varies from person to person and the need of the email id and the time span required. You can easily generate a temporary email through these websites with a very small-time validity.

Tempmail.wiki is one such website which actually protects your primary email box. It leaves all of your good mails with you and deletes the spam on its own.

How Tempmail.wiki Works

Tempmail.wiki is the easiest to use and efficient temp mail platform in the internet. Our website is very easy to use and it doesn’t ask for any technical knowledge or skill level to use our services. Even a school going kid can use our temp mail services with ease and limited inputs required is also very low. It will give you with a 100% satisfaction of the privacy it gives for your permanent email Id.

All other temp mail id services will ask for your details for registration. But we don’t ask even single question or data for using our services. The given temp mail lasts for 60 minutes, before it gets deleted. Once the time limit of one hour is crossed, this email id will get deleted with all the data in it. Nothing will be stored in our server since it will auto delete everything in one hour from the time of creating. Hence your privacy is 100% safe and guaranteed.

Tempmail.wiki Advantages:

Everyone will not look out for a temp mail. The once who are more concerned about their privacy and the fear of losing the important mails in between these spam mails will use the temp mail services for sure. There are other benefits also in our website which are as follows:

Tempmail.wiki - Ease of use

- With Tempmail.wiki, temporary email id creation has become very easy and you know what we don’t ask any of your personal details. Importantly we provide this service for free of cost. Our website can be accessed through mobile phone of computers easily. You don’t need to be a techie for using our platform. It’s the simplest website available in the web for creating a temp mail id.

- With Tempmail.wiki, you have an option to create an email id temporary with a validity of 60 minutes. You can use this service before the ID is deleted from the system in 60 minutes. You cannot create an email id for more than this time frame. You cannot create a one-week validity email id with us. You can create only for one hour maximum.

- To make our services the best in the web, we provide our temp mail service for zero cost. You need not even spend even single penny for using this service. There are many service providers who charges money for this service, we don’t ask for any money. You can create any number of Ids and use if for one hour.

Trying out new apps with temporary email service

-  While we are tempted to install a new app in our play store of IOS store, the first thing it asks for is your Email id. Even if we delete it after our first use, the app provider will have your email id for further marketing. This is the time you can use our services. You have to simply create an email id of your choice and use the same for a very limited period. You can just use the created new temp mail id and throw it away immediately after installing.

Tempmail.wiki  can be used for Trial services

- You can use any of the trial services of any website in the internet using our temp mail. You need not worry about the future follow ups since because your id would have been deleted in 60 minutes. Our real information will not be sent to the second party. This is where the disposable mails can help us to a maximum extend.

Posting Reviews - simply use a temporary email from Tempmail.wiki 

- If we post a positive review comment, always people will welcome us. But what will happen if we post a negative comment. Almost everyone tends to get anger and may think of reflecting immediately. To avoid this anonymity, we can use the temp mail to write a negative review. Our personal data will be kept private and we may not be exposed to an online cold war. Our real Identity will be safeguarded.

Controlling Spam - temporary email address helps

-  Hundreds of spam mails are coming to our inbox and will always keep coming. Right, temp mail ids give you an option to control spams. Do not get fedup by clearing the spam mails frequently. If your email id is not given out so easily, you can simply avoid spams. You can avoid all the newsletters and deal spam mails which keeps coming regularly.

Staying Anonymous - stay anonymous by using a temp mail

-  we can always stay anonymous if we use the temp mail id whenever necessary. We can avoid being in the newsletter or mailing lists. We can easily sign up for any newsletters very easily at one click.

Organizing Mails - Tempmail.wiki is the best way

- Now since you will not receive any unwanted mails, organizing the mails has now become very easy. You can simply categorise using the mail Id names. Using the temp mail always eliminate the unnecessary mails from entering your mail box. It is like keeping a security for your house. No one will be allowed to enter the house unless you allow them. Our Tempmail.wiki works as a security for your mail box.

Tempmail.wiki, a new, comprehensive temp mail address platform.

Our website is designed to meet the customers end demand of having a floating email id which can be used for signing up websites, get deals coupon and also avoid subscriptions. With our temp mail services, you can always get rid of unwanted emails and anonymous senders.

Now you had understood on how to clear up your main inbox. Just go to your inbox clean up all the unimportant mails. Unsubscribe from older subscriptions which are of no use to you. Now use our temp mail whenever you are requested to deal in online with entering your email id. Safeguard your email id from flooding spams.

Our temp mail is a completely secure and temporary email id which can be used only in the system you use and that too valid only for a time period of sixty minutes.

Tempmail.wiki provides everyone with a temp mail address that will expire after one hour.

With the use of our temp mail, you can always sign into social media platforms and you can also receive incoming mails in the mail id. You can receive any number of mails from outside. This email id expires in an hour. You can easily create and every time you can create a new mail id for every one hour.